Chargemetrix Monitor Global – Multi battery, Tamper & GPS

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For use Globally

Our full monitoring kit for up to 3 batteries, full GPS tracking and tamper warnings.

This is our most popular kit and includes everything needed. Full List below.

Download the CM-4GBM Specification Sheet

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4G Battery Monitor Specification – SKU: CM-4GBM-GL

Device Features


✅ Compatible with 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V, as well as all battery types, including lithium, enabling precise monitoring of battery health, charging status, and voltage.

✅ 2G/4G LTE-CAT1 connectivity is available globally on all networks, just like your mobile phone device.

✅ £4 PCM + VAT per month for 15 minute updates*. 

✅ GPS enables continuous location tracking of assets, including the implementation of geofencing.

✅ Minimal power consumption of 4mAh @ 12VDC with GPS.

✅ Made in the UK with a full UK based team.


Operations Benefits

⦿ Designed for Businesses and Individuals 

⦿ Access data in web browser or via Native Mobile apps

⦿ Receive unlimited mobile push or email notifications.

⦿ Remotely monitor battery data from anywhere in the world across up to 3 battery banks per device.

⦿ Get the run time of Green/Yellow connected wires for monitoring of switches and inputs, solar, load etc.

⦿ View live location and historical data for all movements of equipment.

⦿ Add a geofence in the cloud to be notified of movement..

⦿ Allows access to data for all engineers in your organisation

⦿ Includes device temperature, signal strength and operator, switches automatically on low signal.

⦿ Add security elements through our trigger wire system or with impact detection.

Technical Specifications Device Functionality
Materials & IP Rating PC/ABS, A2 Stainless fittings, TPU rubber, IP54 Batteries 1x Main Battery &  2x Additional 0-72VDC
Size & Mounting 110mm x 95mm x 35mm, 4x M4 bolt  Temperature  1x Onboard
Connectivity -GL 2G,3G,4G Cat1 LTE Global Bands Sensor Run Time YES for both Green & Yellow Wires
Operating Power  7 – 70 VDC  Trigger Wake –  Boot YES –  White Wire
Power Draw @ 12VDC 15 minute = 4mAh  Vibration/Tilt TILT – VIB Runtime Only
Report Interval 15 Minutes or 90 second rapid update in Boot mode Impact –  Boot 1.8G Rating to Trigger

Seamless Web & Mobile Applications

Providing access on any device, receiving notifications for all connected sensors, battery voltage, temperature, movement, and more. Delivered via Email or Push notification and stored in the cloud for life. Get access to 30 days of historical data for assessing asset performance and finding issues across all sensor channels. Data can be easily compared using our compare function.

1. CM-4GBM-GL 2. 4G Antenna 3. GPS Antenna
5. Fused Power Loom INCLUDED 6. Yellow Wire INCLUDED 7. Green Wire INCLUDED 8. White Wire INCLUDED


Additional looms can be purchased in the correct colour & lengths 2.5m, 5m, 10m, 20m, 20AWG stranded tinned copper silicone jacket.


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