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Why Remote Battery Monitoring Matters

Here at chargemetrix we champion automated remote battery monitoring to ensure your equipment is healthy and ready to go as and when you need it. Allowing you to constantly check in real time your battery level, wherever in the world you may be.

Yet, remote monitoring offers more than just convenience, keeping tabs on your battery life presents a wealth of benefits from a longer lifespan to allowing you the freedom from the monthly maintenance that is required with most transport equipment.

With a constant, assuring eye on your battery banks, you can be safe in the knowledge that chargemetrix have got you covered. So let’s discuss why battery monitoring can benefit you today.

1. Location watch

With the arrival of smart technology, such as remote heating control a new mainstay, why not harness that tech for all your electrical upkeep needs?  From afar, you can manage and monitor your equipment battery banks, wherever life may take you.

The average boat owner lives between 10-70 miles from their boat, so it’s safe to say you won’t want a maintenance visit, unless you absolutely must. With chargemetrix you can check in on your equipment, including the location at the click of a single button with GPS Geofencing, whether you’re at home or on holiday.

This also allows you to check on the location, which is important for charging. A boat for instance, whilst it may be docked in your marina, may not be connected to shore power, we’ll monitor and warn you of this.

2. Extend the battery life

A huge plus, both financially and timewise, is prolonging the life of your equipment. Boat batteries, for instance, last an average of 3.5 years before replacement. However, it has been proven that monitoring and reducing output will extend this life past 5 years.

It is a little known fact that 80% of battery failure is over-discharge during the winter when your equipment is least in use. Only 10% of battery failure is through an inevitable end of life, the rest is through overcharging thanks to charger failure. By constantly monitoring the SOC (state of charge) with a technical in-built system charmetrix can track any charging failure or temperature drops. Avoiding undercharging and its impact on the system.

3. Eliminate any unnecessary damage

To keep your equipment safely protected, we monitor for any signs overcharging. This can cause a temperature increase, circuit default and in extreme examples the onset of fires. Keeping this monitored not only helps put your mind at ease, but it’s also a bonus for the insurance and prevents any electrical errors.

If you would like to discuss more about our remote battery monitoring, and how it can benefit you, please get in touch. Our team will be more than happy to take you through a demo.  What’s more, our latest version of the app allows you to share the data from your battery with your engineer to ensure extra peace of mind.

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