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Benefits of a chargemetrix battery monitor vs. Victron Battery 12v monitor

When it comes to boat monitoring, we can safely say your equipment is in extremely good hands with chargemetrix. Not only is our system technologically advanced, but it’s also remote, simple and easy to use. Providing you with a precise and watchful eye, that you can undoubtedly trust.

For marine battery monitoring, there are a whole host of benefits that come with a chargemetrix monitor, however, we are aware we are somewhat biased. As a buyer, we actively encourage you to check out the competition, if it was us we would investigate every option to ensure we are leaving our boat in the best, secure hands, so we don’t blame you.

However, whilst you’re here, let us help and guide you as we compare our chargemetrix system with the Victron Battery 12v monitor. The Victron is a great option and has many benefits, but, alas, so does chargemetrix (somehow you knew we we’re going to say that!). Here we break down the key features of each, to allow you to make an informed decision on your own. 

Main function

The main purpose of the Victron Battery 12v monitor is to follow and survey the DoD, that’s depth of discharge. Seconded by the battery monitor which keeps a track on the current flowing in and out and voltage.

The chargemetrix system places equal focus on the following key components as we are well aware, that the function of one, directly impacts the other. Chargemetrix closely monitors the battery voltage, the battery temperature and the SoC, As well as the external AC power supply, which means we’ll notify you if any power is lost immediately, allowing you to act fast and ensure no longer lasting damage is done to the battery and the boat as a whole.


By using GPS you can make sure your boat is where it should be, providing you with location and tracking. We’ll provide you with updates every 15 minutes via SIM connection, keeping you always in the loop. This offers a fast, direct route to your boat, no matter how remote you are.

The Victron battery monitor, on the other hand, is built around Bluetooth connection, which provides a localised connection (within Bluetooth range), compared to GPS and Cellular that allows connection from anywhere in the world. This is, however, beneficial if you have other Victron devices, as they all can connect via Bluetooth.


Whilst the Victron will keep your battery monitoring cost down and provide excellent information when onboard, naturally as all battery monitoring does, the Victron only provides just this. Chargemetrix offers an excellent cost-effective back-up and this is because we offer it all. You can even add custom sensors, GEO fencing and share data with your engineer. Most boat owners will have 2-3 devices to cover some of, not all, of what we offer. Chargemetrix is quite simply a great way to monitor every aspect of your boat, right in the palm of your hands! 

If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to help and answer all of your questions on what chargemetrix can do for you. 

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