chargemetrix is packed full of features that help save time, money and provide you with the necessary data you need.

Updates Every 15 Minutes

Get updates every 15 minutes via 2G/3G SIM connection.

Battery Voltage & Amps*

Accurate battery voltage reporting and estimated Ah capacity remaining.
*Battery Amps calculated on total Ah capacity and voltage.

External AC Power Disconnect

Get notified of your AC power loss, giving the ability to contact the right person to get you connected again.

Location & Tracking

Triangulated data, giving up to 100m accuracy location at any time.

Battery Temperature

Dedicated temperature probe for batteries provides early warning signs on shorted/overcharging batteries.

Ambient Temperature

Check the temperature of your cabin/living space at any time.

Low Power Consumption

Just 11ma consumption, that is less than 1 single LED.

7 Days at a Glance

Always view 7 days accurately when on any device as standard.

30 Day Data History

Scroll through 30 days to assess battery health or find power issues.

Works Globally

Available in 75 countries as standard plus support for all others with additional SIM contracts.

Email Notifications

Warning notifications of voltage and temperature issues sent through instantly.

GEO Fencing*

Create warning areas for movement outide of your set area.
*GPS Addon Required.

Reduce Repair Costs

Fully charged batteries ensure all ancillaries keep working such as lights and motors.

Daily Charge/Discharge

See the daily charge and discharge from generated sources such as solar panels and uses such as lights.

Insurance Benefits

Tracked and monitored assets can be eligible for reductions in policy cost.

Works on all Devices

Our cross platform system works on any device with or without the app.

Secure Platform

Fully secure platform with compliant billing and leading class servers.

Made in Britain

Hand assembled here in the south of the UK and shipped Globally.

Get Hassle Free Protection & Monitoring Now!

Just £3.99 per month!

Additional Features Available

chargemetrix features for business users and enterprise solutions.

Fleet Uptime Reporting

Provides insights into fleet availability of hire equipment and assets.

Engine Maintenance

Calculated duty cycles for "by hour" serviced devices. Prompts for changing fluids, etc.

Asset Tracking

Track multiple, different types of asset in one portal.

Branded Dashboards

Large screen dashboards for the office, branded with your company logo and colours. Great for live overview.

Customer Access

Offer customers access to the devices you monitor on their behalf.

GEO Fencing

Create warning areas for exit and entry of assets on our map platform.

Free for Charities

Just pay hardware, monitoring of devices is free. Contact us now.

Dedicated Support Agent

Personal support agent assigned to each business customer.

Custom Sensors

Build custom monitoring requirements on our CM Masterboard Platform.

Custom SubDomain

yourbusiness.app.chargmetrix.com - secure private database and hosted space.

SMS Updates

Configurable SMS updates for voltage, temperature, location and other additional data.


Integrate chargemetrix data into your platform - Get in touch for info.

Branded Devices

Custom device casing colours and mounting options for branded offerings and company roll-out.

10 Second Data Refresh Rate

Enhanced data frequency down to 10 second intervals for mission critical applications.

Weekly Reports

Auto generated weekly reports on all monitored assets.