Enterprise Systems

Our enterprise solution offers tailored logging and data systems for your business.
Custom logging intervals, SMS notifications, custom sensors and more. With a custom platform on the chargemetrix backbone, take full control of your data.

Fleet Uptime Reporting

Insights into fleet availability of hire equipment and assets.

Engine Maintenance

Calculated duty cycles for BY HOUR serviced devices. Prompts for changing fluids etc.

Asset Tracking

Track multiple different types of asset in one portal.

Branded Dashboards

Large screen dashboards for the office, branded with your logo and colours. Great for board meetings.

Customer Access

Offer customers acces to devices you monitor on their behalf.

GEO Fencing

Create warning areas for exit and entry of assets on our map platform.

Free for Charities

Just pay hardware, monitoring of devices is free. Contact us now.

Dedicated Support Manager

Personal support agent assigned to each business customer.

Custom Sensors

Build custom monitoring requirements on our CM Masterboard Platform.

Custom SubDomain

yourbusiness.app.chargmetrix.com, secure private database and hosted space.

SMS Updates

Configurable SMS updates for voltage, temperature and location.


Integrate chargemetrix data into your platform - Get in touch for info.

Branded Devices

Custom device casing colours and mounting options for branded offerings and company rollout.

10 Second Data Refresh Rate

Enhanced data frequency down to 10 second intervals for mission critical applications.

Weekly Reports

Auto generated weekly reports on all monitored assets.

Got a question?

Contact us on: enterprise@chargemetrix.com
Or call +44 (0)1983 897179