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Graphs - Applies to dashboard and device pages

Green Graph
Battery charging or charged above 12.30V = 55%
Amber Graph - Charging Advised at this point - Notifications Sent
Battery charged between 12.10V & 12.29V = 45% - 55%
Red Graph - Must be charged at this point - Notifications Sent Every 10% Lower
Battery charged between 10.6V & 12.09V = 5% - 45%

Notifications - Applies to device pages

Notification Warnings
Notifications will show if battery reaches % states or temperature too low.
Viewing Location
If GPS dongle is installed, pin drop will show. If not, an area of calculated location will show.

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Accessible On Any Device

There is nothing worse than "Unsupported Platform" which is why we made our system available as dedicated apps and a web app, without sacrificing the experience.

From phones to tablets, TVs to multi panel walls, our system works across all operating systems and browsers with or without our apps or downloads.

Customise the look and feel of your dashboard, through theme and icon adjustments. Notifications through email and push notifcations ensure you never miss an update.