Remote Battery Monitoring for Marine, Leisure & Industrial Equipment

chargemetrix provides battery voltage, temperature and location data over SIM connection through our apps.

Automated monitoring and response to ensure your equipment is healthy & ready to go at all times

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Live Data at your Fingertips +30 Day Historical Data

Check real-time Battery charge, temperatures of living space and batteries plus the location of your equipment. Giving you full peace of mind in locking and leaving it unattended.

Works On all Types of Battery Equipped Boat, Vehicle & Plant Equipment

From RIBs to Quad bikes, RVs to Excavators, chargemetrix ensures you can continuously monitor your battery condition, temperature and location. Ensuring starting first time and a warning when battery levels are low.

Works in More Than
75 Countries

chargemetrix utilises a global network system, allowing us to use networks in 75+ Countries for a single low cost monthly fee. All other countries outside of this can be added for as little as £1 per month per device. Offering true global coverage!

Scheduled Maintenance Before Battery Degradation Occurs

Extend the life of batteries by up to 3 times versus standard use, maintaining batteries effectively guarantees longer life and less replacement costs

Designed for Businesses & Fleet Management

Use our tailored Panel Display to show all vehicles at the office, maintain customer vehicles and boats through our repair account system.

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From just £2.49 per month!

Add our Web App for Live Access to all your Monitored Equipment*

Email notifications require your devices to be connected to wifi or a cellular data service

*Data costs may occur